The Wild Pokémon Go Scare

pokemon-go-featuredThe Pokémon Go game became the icon of online gaming across the boundaries. Avid gamers and enthusiastic people across the world ended up acting crazily to find the Pokémon characters. The search for Pokémon characters went on so frantically to the extent of becoming an actual stampede. And yes, it did happen. People of the city of Taipei went bananas literally after the appearance of a rare Pokémon character. There was a huge stampede that took place on a Saturday evening in search of the Pokémon character. The Pokémon character that made people go frantic was found to be the Snorlax.

pokemon-go-update-removes-in-game-tracking-and-battery-saver-modeOwing to an unsubstantiated video posted onto the Facebook resulted in havoc. The video showcased people running around here and there uncontrollably like a herd of animals in order to catch a look of the Pokémon character that appeared in that locality. It was also found that the people involved in the hunt were Pokémon Go players who surpassed the roaring traffic in order to chase the rarest Pokémon character in the adjacent Beitou Park. The Pokémon character was imagined in the minds of many to be a plump sleepy monster which was just the size of a pocket.

for-pokemon-go-its-stop-at-least-temporarily__332489_Soon the game’s devoted and enthusiastic fans got into distress in search of their plump pocket monsters. More than 300 Taiwanese motorists were penalized for disobeying traffic rules and for playing the game on the road. The game’s popularity started spreading across the world as the social media continued to propagate the video across the borders. The hunt for Pokémon characters traveled to California resulting in two men falling off from a cliff and witnessed a mad rush in the Central Park resulting in immense chaos. Thus, the Pokémon character cruised the entire world in a short span of time.

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