The Ultimate Showdown By John Oliver

last-week-tonight-john-oliver-image-1With respect to the lack of support to the Black Lives Movement against educational reforms, there seemed to be a new ray of hope. John Oliver, the renowned British humorist and also the host of HBO news, performed a program of Charter Schools. Though the program was sacked as uninformed and wary, it got its due attention. He had exposed the program on the famous 60 minutes show. However, Charter Group of Schools soon dispensed a self-justifying statement against Oliver’s show. The statement offered justification in terms of the show being irrelevant as it did not refer to all Charter Schools.

Many channels and social media continued to telecast the issues in an active spree. The 74 news site portrayed Oliver’s show in a negative light. His selective narrations were condemned as well as lamented by the 74 news site. The news site also brought in light to the dedicated staff of Charter Schools. The teachers and administrators of Charter School were projected to be determined in their profession. On social media, the fight continued to severe up with the clenching of teeth and ripping of flesh. Many renowned educational reformists were found to tweet against Oliver’s telecast and also stated that the program should not be given such due importance.

Thus, an ethical panic was set in the minds of the reformers. As more and more issues crop up in the field of social and cultural subjects, a minuscule energy remains, in the end, to fight for educational reformation. Hillary Clinton who once supported Charter Schools now extends her interest towards the union schedule. Several reformers have also exhibited their reluctance to fight for the agenda. Donald Trump in his latest speech, however, supported the clause idealizing a good income for good teachers. Charter Schools which continue to work for the low-income kids has made them to be the most sought after schools. Thus, a cessation to such school remains a demeaning act.

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