Awful Mutilating Crimes Against Women

prestupleniya-nato-i-ssha-1Despite the several harassments that women undergo in their day to day life, they still exist in this dreadful world. As the number of crimes against women keeps mounting, a well-planned inflated crime has now evolved in the underprivileged societies of the world. Female genital mutation abbreviated to be FGM is a growing business across the boundaries. Like any other medical business, the female genital mutation has its own market based on the customer requirements. The horrific life after the genital mutation is attached with untold suffering. There are more than 200 million women who have come across this painful drudgery.

The person involved in the crime are usually waged. All these while such crime executors were physically and pathologically untrained. But now this excision is carried out by trained clinicians. As many clinicians are now involved in female genital mutation, this crime appears to be respectable and legal in certain sections of the society. Several poorly paid medical workers are targeted to perform this crime. However, the World Health Organization protests against this crime as well as considers female genital mutation as a dangerous threat to the society. If such crimes are medicalized, it becomes difficult to eradicate them from the society.

In certain regions of Africa, female genital mutation is considered to be an inherent tradition. The inmates of the region, both girls and women endure the pain of genital mutation. The womenfolk are reflected to be as impure or unclean if they do not undergo this dreadful process. On noncompliance to this illegal tradition, women are expelled from their community and religion. This practice has taken a worst toll on women’s health and in severe cases it has resulted in death due to infection and bleeding. Thus, it is time to put an end to female genital mutation to improve women’s health and to protect their human rights.