Health Care Law And Its Shortcomings

Health-Care-minAs employers continue to insure more workers there arises another trend within the country. After six years of successful implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law, many people now seem to turn away. The main reason for this fee, however, remains to be increased prices. On being questioned about the lower enrollment rates for the health care plan, the administration does not communicate the entire story behind it. The estimated number of enrollment for the health care plan was prospected to be 24 million by the year 2016. But on taking an account of latest enrollments, it totals up to a meager 11 million.

On answering to the reduced enrollment rates in the health care plan, the administration stated that as more employers grant insurance to their workers the interest towards the health care plan seems to dwindle. The other main reason that led to poor enrollments includes the insufficiency of the health care plan to reach out to other states. The states did not plan to magnify the health care program to various beneficiaries. Also, the healthier section of the society does not seem to show an interest towards the health care plan. However, this health care plan remained unsuccessful in luring enhanced enrolments.